About The Society

The Anglo Boer War Historical Society was formed in December 2012 by a small group of experts and historians to educate, entertain, enlighten and encourage students past, present and future, and to further their interest in that most fascinating of Victorian campaigns, the Anglo Boer Wars. Since the launch, the Society has attracted over 1,000 enquiries. Over the last couple of years we have already dealt with an unexpected 500 plus letters seeking information. Enquiries have ranged from requests for assistance to trace relatives who fought in the Anglo Boer War, to technical matters such as medal valuations and uniform queries, the rates of fire of various weapons through to the differences between the national individuals who made up the Boers. The Society now has a very popular site on the internet and this is producing a steady flow of applications for Society membership and requests for information and enquiries.

We are especially pleased that the most prolific and well-known Boer War guide and author, Ian Knight, will write for the Journal alongside other notables including Professor Laband, Dr Adrian Greaves and Brian Best.

 The Aims of the Society

The aims of The Anglo Boer War Historical Society include the publication of articles, letters and reviews likely to be of interest to students of the Anglo Boer Wars. Publication takes the form of two quality Anglo  Boer War Historical Society journals each year which will be published in the Journal Section of the Society website and available only to Society members; all articles  will be of a high academic standard. The contributions will be detailed, incisive and explanatory. Any thought provoking or controversial issues are tactfully examined. The Journal articles will avoid material that has previously been exhausted by repetition. Rather, the intention is to evaluate previously accepted accounts and theories of the Anglo Boer Wars, their battles and associated events, all in the light of modern research and new material.

Society figures

The Society’s Hon. President is Professor John Laband. John needs no introduction to followers of these campaigns as he is a respected and prolific writer on the subject. He currently resides in Canada.

The Journal Editor and collator is Dr Adrian Greaves, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a former army officer who served with the 1st Battalion The Welch Regiment, now the Royal Regiment of Wales. He is an experienced battlefield guide and has studied both the Anglo Zulu and Boer Wars for many years and carefully researched much new material.

Our Journal contributors include accomplished guides of the Anglo Boer War battlefields as well as experts on the war’s medals and awards (Brian Best of the Victoria Cross Society), weaponry, ordnance and history (Ian Knight); medical matters (Mr Cliff Stossel FRCS) and culture (Dr David Payne).