Missing medals.
Following a recent visit to the Society office from an alleged medal collector, two medals were subsequently found to be missing. The missing medals  are,
Pte T Parry 24th and Pte S Parry 24th. Both medals were a gift from David Rattray so they have special significance.
Kent Police are investigating.
This loss may well be connected to the theft of  about 25 medals from the Redoubt Military Museum at Eastbourne on 3rd July, including an MC and DSO.
If you own medals and have a visit from a well-spoken, well dressed gentleman in his fifties, who knows a lot about Zulu War medals but doesn’t give any correct personal details, please take extra care.
Additional details will be posted following discussions with insurers and Kent Police.
Dr Adrian Greaves


Ian has launched a new website – It will include news of Ian’s lectures, books and tours together with a regular blog on Anglo-Zulu War affairs. Among the current news items is an update on the progress of the restoration of the guns which fired the salute at King Cetshwayo’s coronation in 1873.


The next Holts tour to the Zulu War battlefields will depart on 22 October 2012. With an itinerary designed by Ian Knight, and accompanied by him throughout, this tour is still the only fully-comprehensive tour of all the sites connected with the war of 1879, and other Zulu historic sites besides. It visits the battlefields of Nyezane, Gingindlovu, Ulundi, Ntombe, Hlobane and Khambula and the monument to the death of the Prince Imperial and culminates in several days exploring the battlefields of iSandlwana and Rorke’s Drift. Along the way it takes in Eshowe, King Cetshwayo’s grave, the royal homestead at oNdini and the battlefield of Blood River/Ncome. There are still some places available on this year’s tour – for the full itinerary Click here.


The Barracks The Watton, Brecon, Powys, LD3 7EB

• A DRILL DEMONSTRATION by the 1879 Group
• Dress as British soldiers of 1879
• Be taught drill by an Army Recruit Instructor
• The “How long can you hold a “Martini-Henry” rifle” competitionSPECIALIST TALKS ON THE ANGLO-ZULU WAR : (an additional £5 fee will be charged to attend these) Tickets available in the Museum), to include;
• The breechloader – a surefire guarantee of success ?
• The WW Lloyd pictures • Isandlwana – another look at the Zulu attack.
(full details of the talks and timings will be displayed in the museum, or, ring the museum for timings)

BRECON CATHEDRAL 7pm Saturday 16th June 2012
A keynote talk on the battle of RORKE’S DRIFT by Ian Knight, – entry by ticket only. Tickets £20 available from the Museum. (price includes drinks & canapés from 6pm)
Bill Cainan



‘The Ghosts of iSandlwana’‘The Ghosts of iSandlwana’, a limited edition fine art quality print of an original photo-montage by Ian Knight commemorating the fallen of this most famous of battles of the war.
Strictly limited to 350 copies, each copy numbered, signed and titled by Ian Knight.Heavy-duty art paper size A3+ (19×13 ins), image size 15×10.5 inches.
Please note that postage within the UK will be £4.00 by standard first class mail. Postage to all other countries will be £7.00 by airmail. For inquiries please email


Zulu War event
Pluckley, Kent 24th and 25th March 2012.

This event at Pluckley, the home of the 24th Regiment, was a stunning success. The event was planned and organised by Bob Driver and Roy Bennett – with a little help from the Society – with our Vice President Ian Knight giving a superb talk following the sumptuous black tie dinner.The guest list read like a Who’s Who with the guests of honour led by Prince Shange of the Zulu Royal Family and Dr. Paul Matawele. The whole weekend was well attended by the public but the highlight was  being able to allow Prince Shange to hold the genuine Victoria Cross of James Langley Dalton, for which we owe a debt to The Royal Logistics Corps for their assistance. Another highlight was taking Prince Shange into the church at Pluckley which commemorates the founding at Pluckley of the 24th Regiment over 300 years ago. On entering the church, the morning service was coming to a close; the somewhat startled vicar and congregation swiftly gathered round Prince Shange who was taken off to meet the village elders over a cup of coffee.

It was a remarkable weekend. We look forward to the next event.

Dr Adrian Greaves


National Army Museum Zulu War Event 25 February.

This was another excellent event with top-class speakers. It is estimated that 240 enthusiasts attended the day – and from the post conference reports, it was the best ever.It seems every event was a highlight of the day, only interrupted by a genuine fire alarm which cleared the hall in quick time.

Most of the speakers were from the Society, including our President Prof. John Laband ; Vice President Ian Knight; Bill Cainan from Brecon Museum and Katie Stossel who talked about Sister Janet Wells. The two other presenters were Craig Appleton, the Martini-Henry expert and Paul Bryant-Quinn who spoke about Welsh links.

The next event will take place over the weekend of 24/25 March at the Black Horse Public House at Pluckley in Kent, the original home of the 24th Regiment. Sadly, the black-tie dinner tickets have all been sold.

I thank everyone for their continued support
Adrian Greaves


Award of MBE to Brecon’s Major Martin Everett.
It is with the greatest pleasure that the Society adds its congratulations to Martin for his award of the MBE.Martin  has been the Curator at the 24th Regiment’s Museum at Brecon, which he joined in 1992. Martin has been a tireless supporter of the Society and has always willingly provided his support to me as Editor of the Society journals and to individual Society members conducting research.

It gave great pleasure to those involved when Martin accompanied a Society tour of the battlefields in 2005 and a greater pleasure for me, on behalf of Minister Prince Buthelezi, to present  Martin with the Prince Buthelezi Gold Medal, for service to the Zulu People, in 2006.

We wish Martin good health and much happiness in his retirement.
Adrian Greaves


Zulu war eventA special two day weekend event is planned for 24th-25th March 2012 at The BLACK HORSE public house PLUCKLEY Kent.  Pluckley is where the 24th Regiment began as the Dering Militia, it is also famous for being the most haunted village in Kent.  The event, “GHOSTS OF THE ZULU WAR” will feature a large static exhibition , Victorian soldiers in living history displays ,films, artifacts and trade stands. Saturday evening there will be a ticketed dinner with a talk by author IAN KNIGHT . Details are to be finalized soon. Exhibition is free to all , dinner tickets approx. £45 each .Early booking is recommended tickets available early January 2012.

Enquiries email: tel. 01634 221929
also tel.01233 841948


Journal 30 –  December 2011
The latest journal is now on-line in the members’ section.


Society Zulu weekends, 2012.
Following the recent very successful Zulu weekend in Kent, it is proposed to offer members the opportunity of attending  another event, to be run along the same lines. We are currently looking at arranging an event mid-summer followed by a second in the autumn.The cost to members, who will have to arrange their own accommodation, will be the actual cost of the two main meals and a nominal amount to cover unavoidable costs. Interested members should contact Adrian Greaves via the Society web site.


New edition of Isandlwana
Adrian Greaves’ recent book launch, hosted by Waterstones, was a great success with the book Isandlwana being sold out within the first two hours. Additional copies were rushed to the store and  the book became their best selling book for the two weeks since publication. The event was the occasion for the Society’s youngest member, 14 year-old Sam,  to meet the author. Following the book launch lunch, Sam took the opportunity to view some of the Society’s Zulu War treasures.  Sam is seen here holding Curling’s campaign medal and letters home detailing  Curling’s experiences during and post Isandlwana.


We have had a number on inquiries recently about Society tours to the battlefields. The Society currently has no immediate plans to organise further battlefield tours – however, Society Vice-President and author of ‘Zulu Rising’ Ian Knight will be leading a comprehensive tour on behalf of Holts Battlefield Tours in October 2011. Ian has been associated with Holts for many years and been fully involved in developing the tour’s itinerary which is now the only one to visit all the principle sites connected with the war. This includes exploration of the coastal sites – the ‘Ultimatum Tree’, Nyezane, Gingindlovu and Eshowe – a visit to the royal homestead at oNdini and battlefield of Ulundi, excursions to Khambula and Ntome and a chance for the fit to walk across Hlobane mountain and visit the infamous ‘Devil’s Pass’. The hightlight of the tour includes several days studying the Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift campaign including visits to the significant peripheral areas. Accommodation is in excellent hotels and lodges and includes several nights at the wonderful Ithala game reserve as well as a chance to learn more about Zulu culture. Ian will be accompanying the tour throughout. For full details of the itinerary and pricing, visit


Safety in South Africa
The most frequently question asked of the Society is ‘How safe is it to visit South Africa?”
The technical answer is – the country experiences over 30,000 murders per year – but thankfully few involve tourists.The common sense answer is, based on 25 years visiting the country as a tourist  – take care and you will be fine, especially if you follow basic rules –
Don’t go out alone, especially after dark,
Avoid going out after dark where possible,
In a car, definitely stick to main roads and don’t stop for accidents – emotions run high!
Don’t  flaunt jewellery, cameras or expensive watches,
If robbed, surrender everything asked for – don’t even think of arguing. Then contact your insurance company!
Avoid townships at all cost.
The best advice – go on a proper guided tour. So far they have a perfect record of safety.

If you are staying at Rorke’s Drift, the Zulu Village or Isandlwana area –  the Zulu Village and RD Orientation centre have  excellent Zulu guides – use them. They know the people and area inside out and are not expensive and they will enhance your visit.
Dr Adrian Greaves


Dubious South Africa campaign medals
Once again, there are some questionable medals being offered for sale,  one or two with well known names and therefore inviting very high prices.If you intend buying any SA campaign medal, do ensure that you have the right to return it to the seller if  the medal turns out to be doubtful. Always check the medal’s provenance and that of the seller before buying –  if there is any doubt or uncertainty do have it professionally checked by one of the reputable auction houses or dealers.
Dr Adrian Greaves