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As many of you are aware, The Anglo Zulu War Historical Society has been thriving for some 20 years and has established a worthy reputation for both its journals and high quality academic research. The Society library of some 300 journal articles is regularly used by researchers, authors, students and academics world wide. Indeed, the Society website has been selected by the Bodleian Libraries of Oxford University as being of ‘lasting research value and worthy of permanent preservation’ in their Web Archive.

In recent years a growing number of requests have been received for research material relating to the Anglo Boer Wars. We have given the matter considerable thought and this year the decision was taken to establish a sister society with the title The Anglo-Boer War Historical Society.

We are delighted to announce that Professor John Laband, international lecturer and acknowledged author on the subject, has generously agreed to accept the role of President of the society. Indeed, Prof. Laband is initially contributing his latest research material on the Battle of Majuba in two major articles for Journal 2 to be published in March 2013.

A panel of consultants has been gathered to advise on policy and journal article content and they include Professor Laband, historian Dr David Payne, Brian Best of the Victoria Cross Society, Ray Heron of Spion Kop Lodge, author Ian Knight – and I will contribute as Journal Editor. The purpose of this group of experts and historians is to educate, entertain, enlighten and encourage students past, present and future, and to further their interest in that most fascinating of Victorian campaigns, the Anglo-Boer Wars. The aim is not to reproduce common knowledge but to publish the latest research and ideas. Members will be welcome to submit journal articles to me. Journals will be published on lst of each March and September in the members’ section of the Society website.

Only members will be able to access Society research and journals. Members are welcome to request information.

Members of the AZWHS and the Anglo-Boer War Historical Society are entitled to free access to each Society website.


Dr Adrian Greaves

Journal editor.


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Inaugural Journal content.     


1. The Boers; in the beginning.


2. Boer disillusionment and the Great Trek.


3. The Boers and their relationship with Zululand.


4. The Battle of Bronkhorstspruit.


 Journal 2.    Journal 2 The War to date


1- The Battle for Majuba


2 – After Majuba


3 – The Boers – Tomasson


4 – Photography and the Boer Wars

Journal 3



1 – The Peter Greaves Boer war medal collection

The CIV lead the charge at Diamond Hill